Write 31 Days 2017 – One Brick at a Time


21 years ago I was a brand new member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A few friends and I from our branch in Budapest had the opportunity to attend an event in Győr, where a senior missionary couple taught us about building Zion where we are. Considering that a good portion of the youth attending has since moved abroad, the “where we are” part kind of got lost in translation, but the rest of the message stuck with many of us.

We got to build Zion, brick-by-brick. On each oversized paper brick we wrote something that helped us build Zion right here, in Hungary: scripture study, missionary work, family home evenings, service, love, repentance, faith, prayer and so on. Every brick became a part of the city wall we were building. Our wall stood, surprisingly stable and solid for being made of cardboard boxes. Then we removed a brick here, a brick there, and the whole wall crumbled.

For nearly a decade and a half I let that wall crumble in my life. With the help of some wonderful people, I have begun the work to rebuild my personal Zion, one brick at a time.

For the 31 days of October I am going to be writing about this awesome, hard, wonderful, and difficult experience. This page will be linked up at the Write 31 Days site, and all the entries in the series will be linked on this page. See you tomorrow!

For all Write 31 Days – One Brick at a Time posts click the image below: 



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