Catching Up Part 2 – September

2015-09-06 01.12.12September was a rather busy month, as it is usually the case in Service Desk settings. The first week of September often brings the second highest volumes of the year (after the first week of January), and we service desk people prepare for that as best as we can. It still often results in a lot of work, overtime, and just generally feeling rushed all the time. During this crazy silly month there were some activities we did as well.

One such event was the Corvin Movie Night. One of the movie theatres offered a full night of movies for about the equivalent of two tickets. My friend Judy and I went and saw some films we had wanted to see for a while like Trainwreck (Bill Hader is my favorite SNL alumn), and the most recent Mission Impossible movie (Simon Pegg was awesome). Since one of the movies we wanted to see was full we accidentally ended up seeing a great Spanish movie, “La isla mínima“. It was a pleasant surprise, a film that managed to keep my attention even at 2 a.m. after three other films. I highly recommend it.

Part of the event was an Instagram photo competition. Judy and I both uploaded a few snapshots from the cinema and I was lucky enough to win one of the movie vouchers for two! We used it to watch the second Maze Runner movie. It was fun to finally win something!

My sister, niece, and I made a visit to my frien Bea's. She lives in one if the suburban districts and has a huge garden. In the “olden days”mwe had one of our best team building events there. Bea and her then fiancé (now husband) Tomi have a cat, who was still quite a kitten back then. The two kids-my niece and the cat-had a blast playing in the garden. Despite rains in the morning and a forecast of more rain, we ended up with sunshine and only limited mud. We picked some apples while there, and came home with plenty of other fruits and vegetables from their garden. It was a very pleasant autumn afternoon.

At the end of September my niece decided she wanted to learn to crochet. We tried a bit at first, but after a while we ran into a problem. Can you see what it is.

Yes, she is legt-handed, which would not be a big problem if I was, too. Alas, I am not, and I'm still in the process of teaching myself to crochet left-handed so I can show her how to do it.


Hidden Gems of Budapest–the Dandár Thermal Spa

Budapest is unique as a capital city because it is rich in thermal springs. It currently has 8 operating thermal pools and spas and six open air thermal pools that only open in the summer. Basically most of our pools have water that are good for you.

There is a spa a block from my home. I have known it was there all my life, but for a number of reasons I never went there. About a year ago there were some outside pools added, and my sister decided to take me there. So we went, and then I went back.

There are two pools inside as well, both outside snd inside one is 36C and the other is 38C. There is a very cold dipping pool inside by the sauna as well. Outside the pools have hydronassage effects. Other services like massages, variois therapies and pedicures are available for an additional fee. Entrance fees are a fraction of the better known historic spas. I can hardly wait to go in the winter and throw snowballs while sitting in the warm pool.
Address: 1095 Budapest, Dandár utca 5-7, next to the Zwack Museum

Open: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, 8 to 2 on weekends (till 6 p.m. during summer)

Entrance fees: HUF 1500 for the inside pools, 1100 after 5 pm, + HUF 700 for the wellness pools.

Guerilla Crocheters in Budapest

First there was a the tram that was decorated by hand-knot and crocheted items. Then, a few weeks ago, some guerilla crafters covered one of the warming stones on Móricz with images from Budapest. Here are a few:

2015-07-02 14.35.25

The Gellért Hill on top, with the Citadell, the Cave Church by the blue Danube, the white National Museum and the yellowis Keleti (Railway station) on the bottom.

2015-07-02 14.35.52

The Parliament in black, with a yellow tram in front

2015-07-02 14.36.08

The Zoo in the very bottom, with the City Park’s lake and ducks.

2015-07-02 14.36.23

Heroes’ Square on the bottom.

Is It Raining Yet?

2015-07-08 16.42.29

Storm time at Balaton.

Being back in the city for a week, I have been hoping for a break in the heat and some rain. While we were gone, there was a big storm: it was not awfully bad in Vonyarcvashegy, but it did a lot of damage in other areas, including Budapest. For us it came in the middle of our vacation. It only “ruined” one afternoon, which we spent at our rooms, reading, crocheting, watching Monster High, and waiting for the rain that finally came in the late afternoon. It was great

2015-07-09 12.54.33The next morning we woke up to a cloudy sky, and a temperature of 19°C (66°F). The water was still a very comfortable 24°C (75°F) so we went to swim anyway. Our neighbors at the apartments acted all offended at the weather and went home a day early. I didn’t mind not getting more sunburn, after all the previous few days gave me a few shades of tan.

I got back top Budapest on Friday, and I was quite happy about the weather forecast of a cold front, rainy, cool weather till Wednesday, the heat only returning on Thursday. My first day back in our air conditioned (mostly… but let’s not go into AC wars on this blog) office was Thursday. I met a friend on Wednesday, and as we planned to hang out in the city, we were quite happy it wasn’t going to be so hot.

Except it was.

2015-07-15 15.08.59

The “Gödör” at Erzsébet Square.

The last few years most of our summer weekends were rainy and cold. Not today. Out of the dark clouds there was not a drop of rain. Yesterday’s and today’s storm advisories passed without storms. I even brought in the laundry from the rack on the hanging hallway. Maybe I should have left it out. Murphy, after all, was a great mind.

 (Yes, I used this post to show of even more photos. Instagram)