Dreams Do Come True… Kinda


There is this one recurring dream I have from Salt Lake City. Oddly, it is not about the Temple, or the Tabernacle Choir, and any dream about Legacy would count as a nightmare, so it’s not even that. It is a dream about the DeseretBook store in the old ZCMI Center. Probably my most favorite store in the USA. OK, there was this Barnes & Noble that I really liked, and a Borders, but that particular store was my favorite. I loved going there, and, with certain companions, going to DeseretBook was just as much a part of our P-day (Preparation Day, our day off), as going to the Temple, doing laundry, writing letters, or getting groceries.

Every once in a while someone would get a talk on tape, and then that tape would make the rounds on Temple Square as sisters listened to them as part of their personal or companionship studies. It was good language practice for some, and freed up hands to do their hair for others. John Bytheway was one of our favorites, and there was this other tape, by someone, that my last companion listened to almost every morning, that was really funny, really spiritual, and all about BYU football. Meanwhile the collection of books I was going to bring home to read once finished with my mission was growing in my suitcase.

To be completely honest, I never really wanted to go back to Slat Lake, but I always wanted to go back to the bookstore. It was a great dream of mine. Then I realized that I can get that dream fulfilled, mostly, by downloading the app on my phone, and subscribing to Plus. Of course there are still no T-shirts and stickers and bookmarks and other LDS goodies, but the most important things are there: books. I am just discovering the joy of audiobooks, as I always find it harder to pay attention to them than reading, but now that I am crocheting once again, it is a great way to learn new things and progress with my work! And best of all? I could subscribe to it using my Hungarian address and credit card.

No, there are no affiliate links. Not a sponsored post. I’m just loving having access to knowledge and entertainment that is uplifting and are based on the same values I share. I wish this had been an option when I came from my mission!