Pudding in a mug

I haven’t drunk any coffee for over 7 weeks, and despite still loving the scent of a cup of quality coffee, I don’t intend to start drinking it again. I, however, still collect Starbucks mugs, and I still want to regularly use them. Our family vacation sent me on a trip down memory lane, and I suddenly remembered our choice of dessert in the summer that my Grandma always made for us: dark chocolate pudding (the kind you actually have to cook) in a glass or mug. With additional cocoa powder for a more chocolate-y taste, lots of raisins, she prepared it early in the morning so they would be cold to be our mid-morning snack.

Mugs courtesy of Sofy, Ági, and Iulia and Lia.

The Starbucks mugs are just perfect to serve pudding! Making a double portion fills 4 mugs about 2/3, so there is plenty of space left for fresh fruits or whipped cream. Now I just need more mugs.