General Conference

Starting Off the Month Right: General Conference


I was reading the link up info on, and saw that it opened at 8 a.m. EST today. “What?!” I was thinking, “That’s the middle of conference broadcast!”

Sometimes I forget that not everyone in the world spends the first weekend of October and of April in a meeting-house, or at home, or right at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, listening to eight hours of talks given by the leaders of the LDS Church. Sometimes I wonder why wouldn’t anyone want to listen to the message that is shared by a living prophet? Who would not want to receive counsel from the special witnesses of Christ?

Of course reading the scriptures we can see numerous stories about a prophet of God preaching to his people, only to be rejected. Some were ridiculed, some were simply ignored, and some were killed for doing the work of God. In modern times the first president of the Church, Joseph Smith was killed as well. These times, fortunately, our beloved Prophet and the Apostles don’t face physical danger for bearing witness of Christ and the restored gospel, but I’m not sure we – I – always realize just how great a blessing Heavenly Father has given us through the General Authorities and other leaders who speak to us at General Conference.

Being a member in a small country, with a small LDS community, I am just amazed that all these sessions are available to us live in our own language. As much as I say I prefer to listen to Conference in English, I greatly appreciate the work of the translation team and the tech teams who make it possible for us. Truly, the gospel is taught to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. Technology makes it possible for people everywhere to follow the proceedings, and to catch up on or revisit talks a short while after they are given. The talks of the 187th Semiannual General Conference can be watched here.

Though violence may not be threatening our church leaders at this time, unfortunately illness or old age limits their earthly service. Shortly after the Sunday morning session ended today, Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles passed away. He was loved by many, and his loving guidance will be missed.

ETA: As I was listening to the Sunday afternoon session, listening to President Henry B. Eyring announce the passing of Elder Hales I couldn’t stop but marvel at the dedication and love these men have. They had just lost their friend, brother, someone with whom they had served together for a long time, and yet they were there, serving us.

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