God’s Army

God’s Army and other Mormon Cinema


I was on my mission when God’s Army came out. I didn’t get to see it till about a year later, when I could finally got a VHS copy. The next challenge was getting a VCR that played the American format. Gosh, I loved that film! Just as Testaments was a wonderful surprise in Church produced movies, God’s Army was a pleasant surprise for movie loving me.

Just recently I was watching it on YouTube, and someone commented that they didn’t understand why this movie was made, this is not going to convert anyone to the church. I don’t think they understood that God’s Army was not produced by the LDS Church. It was an independent movie, telling a story of LDS missionaries. It was made by mostly LDS people, but the actor playing one of the leads–and then again appeared in Brigham City–is Jewish.

God’s army was followed by a number of comedies and the previously mentioned Brigham City, and States of Grace, and then Richard Dutcher left the Church, and the independent Mormon cinema has been kind of… quiet. Or it just doesn’t reach us here. Of course there are a lot more media products available now, but I kind of miss those movies.