Holiday preparations

November at Last!

Write 31 Days is now over, and this year I’m not even attempting NaNoWriMo! So what now?

With the next holidays coming up are St. Nicholas and Christmas, I am ready to get started on Christmas preparation in earnest. I am also lifting my ban on Christmas music before Advent begins, because I found a bunch of CDs last week with some of my favorite Christmas music, including Harry Connick, Jr. This year the new addition to my usual Christmas playlist will be The Piano Guys. Since I’m working on December 25 this year, too, I am planning to put together an 8-hour-long Christmas playlist for the day. Then on the 26th the real Christmas will happen! For me Christmas is when our family is together, which includes my niece who normally spends Boxing Day with us.

So what am I doing? I’m making a shopping list! I want to bake some this year, and not just the traditional bejgli, and I want to experiment with the Christmas menu as well. Of course working before and during the holiday won’t leave much time for it, so I have to really carefully use the time that’s available to me.

Usually I add one or two albums to my Christmas music collection. Last year I bought Pentatonix, this year it’s The Piano Guys. I love listening to instrumental music when I’m working on something in a situation where singing along is not appropriate. Like doing quality checks.

I have to admit I am a little relieved that St. Nicholas, Advent calendars, and slowly Christmas decorations are taking over stores, because it means we have successfully gotten through he day if the dead period. Plus I love chocolate.