Hidden Gems of Budapest–the Dandár Thermal Spa

Budapest is unique as a capital city because it is rich in thermal springs. It currently has 8 operating thermal pools and spas and six open air thermal pools that only open in the summer. Basically most of our pools have water that are good for you.

There is a spa a block from my home. I have known it was there all my life, but for a number of reasons I never went there. About a year ago there were some outside pools added, and my sister decided to take me there. So we went, and then I went back.

There are two pools inside as well, both outside snd inside one is 36C and the other is 38C. There is a very cold dipping pool inside by the sauna as well. Outside the pools have hydronassage effects. Other services like massages, variois therapies and pedicures are available for an additional fee. Entrance fees are a fraction of the better known historic spas. I can hardly wait to go in the winter and throw snowballs while sitting in the warm pool.
Address: 1095 Budapest, Dandár utca 5-7, next to the Zwack Museum

Open: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, 8 to 2 on weekends (till 6 p.m. during summer)

Entrance fees: HUF 1500 for the inside pools, 1100 after 5 pm, + HUF 700 for the wellness pools.