Throw Back Thursday

A Budapest Crocheter as a beginner gardener cca. 1980 in Vonyarcvashegy

1975. Vonyarcvashegy Iczka

The Budapest Crocheter’s mom doing embroidery in Vonyarc cca. 1975.

1974 Vonyarcvashegy 002

The house where my childhood summers happened.

1985 001a Vonyarcvashegy

The Budapest Crocheter’s grandparents and little sister in Vonyarcvashegy cca. 1985.

Vonyarcvashegy cca. 1980

The Budapest Crocheter with her dad in Vonyarcvashegy cca. 1980

Watching Twilight. With Judy.

This was originally posted by me on a now defunct blog almost five years ago, on July 24, 2010. This post is a commentary on the first Twilight movie as my friend Judit and I watched it for the first time. Now as part of Throw Back Thursday, it gets re-posted.

The thing: I could finish the first paragraph in Bella’s opening narration before she finished the sentence. Not a good sign.

Why would anyone with over a century of life experience want to go back to high school? Isn’t dating someone 100 years younger than you and still a minor illegal?

Edward Cullen would make a perfect AVON lady dealer.  He already wears a full catalogue’s worth of make-up.

It’s evident: Bella stinks. And it’s not only me, who thinks that. Just look at Edward.

11 minutes into the film I already have had 4 negative remarks. Not bad.

Bella does look like a badly cloned Hermione Granger. If you can’t keep your mouth closed, it’s usually not a sign of intelligence, you know.

It takes all of 14 minutes before a male has to assist/help/rescue Bella. (Did you guys know my writing style was masculine?)

They are talking about the weather. This might be the highlight of the film.

Judy says vampires are rude.

20 minutes, 26 seconds: Bella is once again rescued by a male character. This is starting to sound like a Young Women’s manual.

Is everyone, who is not an African-American, cloroxed white? In a way that it’s obvious that it’s make up?

Kristen Stewart reached the heights of Elijah Wood when it comes to acting: she looks permanently tormented.

Once there was an Elder Cullen serving in my branch. He was a light skinned, fair haired missionary. I think from Utah. Or maybe Washington. Hmmmm. Now I wonder.

96 minutes till I can watch the Cube. Mmmm, David Hewlett…

I might  be a zombie. I am attracted to characters with brains. Like Rodney McKay. And yeah, I’m off topic.

After the Cube Judy wants to watch Harry Potter 4. At least one good role for Robert Pattinson for tonight.

Jacob looks like a 5-year-old at the 300th percentile of the growth chart. With professional tooth whitening.  (Keep reading on by clicking below.)


Scripturally Speaking

Back in the Missionary Training Center in Provo one of my favorite activities was Scripture chase. Sometimes when we finished our lesson early, we’d play a few rounds. Someone would start reading a verse, and the first person who found it would continue reading and/or give the reference, and then it would be their turn. Usually we played it with the Book of Mormon, and I suprisingly wasn’t awful at it.  I say surprisingly, because unlike the rest of my district I had only read the BoM in a different language and only maybe twice in its entireity. I, however, had the weirdest memories of page layouts and verses relative locations to each other. It somehow translated to a different edition in a different language pretty well.

 I loved this activity because I learned a lot from it. I learned new verses, but even more, I learned a lot about my fellow missionaries from the verses they chose. Some relied on their seminary knowledge. Some were more adventorous. Some chose verses they thought would be challenging to find. The texts we chose revealed our mood, our focus, our attitude that day.

Now I’m doing a different kind of scripture chase. Earlier this month a wonderful friend of mine visited Budapest, and I asked him to mark some verses in my BoM. He did, and now as I’m reading through the Book of Mormon I am looking for the verses in yellow. When I find one I write it down, and while I do that, I think about what that verse tells me about him–and about myself. Despite my obvious disbelief, reading scriptures has been an important thing for me, in my quest for faith. Sometimes, however, it has become a rote task: read a certain number of chapters or pages, and get through the 600+ pages. Looking for those verses left for me by my friend has added a new layer of motivation in searching for more than just yellow pencil marks.