teddy bear

The Bear, part 1

So one of my coworkers, Lia, moved to Bucharest, Romania. Being in a new country with few acquaintences and hardly any friends is hard. Sometimes Lync, Viber, and Facebook chat are the only comnection with family and friends. So that is the time when expat friends need a tangible reminder that people at home still think of them snd care about them.

I was sure I wanted to make domething for Lia, but I was not sure what. I was considering making a small doll, or a basket, or an owl with some lavender inside. Last week, however, I checked the nearby Euroshop and found some pretty grey yarn. I am not a fan of the other 49 shades, but this one reminded me of a certain blue nosed teddy bear. It was only HUF 390 for 50g, so I bought enough for at least  two bears and I went to work.

I looked for a good pattern, but the ones I found were either ridiculously expensive (if I had €20 for a pattern I’d buy a real grey bear) or I sidn’t really like them. So Pietro came to be without a pattern, and while I’ll make some changes for the next bear, I think he isn’t half bad for a first attempt.

My weakest point, as usual, is sewing pieces together. His shoulders are kinda rough.

Hopefully in a few days he will be on his way to Romania!