Throw Back Thursday

A Budapest Crocheter as a beginner gardener cca. 1980 in Vonyarcvashegy

1975. Vonyarcvashegy Iczka

The Budapest Crocheter’s mom doing embroidery in Vonyarc cca. 1975.

1974 Vonyarcvashegy 002

The house where my childhood summers happened.

1985 001a Vonyarcvashegy

The Budapest Crocheter’s grandparents and little sister in Vonyarcvashegy cca. 1985.

Vonyarcvashegy cca. 1980

The Budapest Crocheter with her dad in Vonyarcvashegy cca. 1980

The Vonyarcvashegy Crocheter

For four and a half days I have temporarily turned into the Vonyarcvashegy Crocheter, as my family is on our annual lake side vacation. Vonyarc is a smallish village on Lake Balaton, close to Keszthely, making it about 200 km away from Budapest. Growing up my Sister and I spent a good portion of our summers here, at our grandparents’ summer home. That small house was sold 14 years ago, but by then I hadn’t gone there for a few years. The next several years the Balaton was not a strong contender when planning holidays.

After my Niece was born we returned to Balaton for our family vacations. For two years we experimented with the southern shore, where the water is shallow. One can literally walk a hundred meters in the lake and still have water up to their thighs. Itbis ideal for families with small children.

As luck would have it, when Niece was two, my Sister bought a groupon like thing for a cheap hotel in Siófok. It turned out to be the same place where our family vacationed when Sister was two. Back then it belonged to the company my father worked for. While Sister had little memories of the place, my Mom and I did. It was fun to see Niece at the same place, doing the same things as her mother had when she was the same age.

The next year saw us return to our beloved northern shore of the lake. Unlike the southern shore, in the north the water deepens quickly, but with some effort most towns created child friendly beaches. Last year I decided to check accomodations in Vonyarc. Two weeks later we arrived expecting lots of changes. Despite these anticipated changes everything felt so familiar. Going to the Lido there were even the same people selling cotton candy, running the big water slide, and taking care of the grounds. We shopped at the same store as we did when we were kids, went to the same pharmacy for eye drops, and bought rétes at the same stand. It felt like coming home. No wonder we returned this year, too!

Yesterday I went to the post office to mail something to the States as well as a few postcards. The postal worker saw my name and asked me if I was related to my Grandma. Back when she spent most of the year here he used to help her with the garden.

Now I have to admit that between swimming, re-reading both Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and James E. Talmage’s Jesus the Christ, and catching up on Wayward Pines, I didn’t crochet much, just enough to finish a bear for my Niece. I, once again, didn’t use a pattern. It was made from RedHeart Soft yarn, using a 4 mm hook, and as the safety eyes I ordered from eBay haven’t made it yet, I bought the smallest available sew-on eyes.

Balcsi Dorka. Bow from Claire’s, necklace from one of the stands selling touristy stuff.

Now I have two more bears, a cat, and three more table runners to finish. Good thing I’ll be on a train for three hours tomorrow!